Nearly 100 killed in guatemala landslide hundreds missing

Nearly 100 killed in guatemala landslide hundreds missing

After weeks of unrest크라운 바카라, the ruling People’s Party won elections in January and installed an opposition leader, Daniel Ortega, to govern in the mostly agricultural south.

A surge in violence followed in December, with two people killed in clashes with police in a central province, and sporadic fighting in the provinces of Chiapas and Oaxaca.

On Wednesday, Guatemala’s government said more than 20 civilians were injured in fighting between troops and rebel guerrillas in the capital, Guatemala City.

Many of the deaths, including some identified by relatives as soldiers, came as a heavy rainstorm swept through rural areas, driving hundreds of thousands of people to seek shelter or flee south.

Witnesses said about 500 bodies were taken to hospital, and in some cases, others were buried with them in fields.

On Wednesday, residents of the western city of Cucuta, west of the capital, reported seeing corpses and body parts in the rainforest.

They said soldiers fired on protesters who were clearing a path through the forest.

Another resident said in엠 카지노 주소 a video that at least 20 residents had been killed.

Another resident told state television: “We had to jump into another body to avoid being killed, because someone was holding an explosive belt on us.”

The deaths came as Guatemalan troops entered a mountain range in eastern Chiapas and arrested seven guerrillas.

Garcia, a senior military off싱가포르 카지노icial in his early 50s, told the Associated Press that the soldiers had entered the area while firing at trees and causing damage to houses.

Cuevas and her son were among those who lost their lives.

“We felt like my legs and arm were getting chopped off,” she said.

The victims’ families vowed to remain at the camp and hold out for an end to the violence.

“My family feels that there was a mistake made,” she said.